n = me; a new personal blog

This year, none of my resolutions are for personal improvement. Yes, I need to lose weight, exercise more and spend less money eating out, but I decided I need to take those a bit more seriously - I need to make them habits. 

Instead, my resolutions are professional/web related, and one of them is this new blog. I'm still writing for Scientific American Blogs at Food Matters, but with the new reorganization, they're asking that we aim to be a bit more focused on particular subjects, and anyway, it's never felt like the place for personal musings. I want to write more personal musings, hence:

n = me

In science/statistics, "n" refers to the number of trials, or the number of subjects in a trial. Generally speaking, the higher the n, the better (or more reliable) the experiment. Scientists (at least the ones I hang around with) often use "n" as a sort of shorthand to talk about the unreliability of individual experiences. "Yeah, but n only equals one," is a sort of shorthand way of saying, "That may have been your experience, but that's not necessarily indicative of the general case."

Well, this blog will recount my experience, and may not be indicative of the general case. We'll see if it has legs anyway.