Drowning in Data (and other stuff)

Oh man, it's been a rough couple of weeks. It didn't really occur to me how much I've been doing until Matt asked me what I was up to and I ticked off the list:

  1. I gave departmental seminar yesterday on my project in the Dutton Lab on horizontal gene transfer. I was in a major push to get my code working on a larger dataset, and wasted several days trying to debug something. I learned a lot, but none of that ended up making it into the presentation. Everyone was nice and said it went well, but it definitely needs work before I roll it out as a job talk. Speaking of which...
  2. I'm applying for a faculty position at Mt. Holyoke College. There's almost everything to love about that school, including the fact that they share an acronym with the Major Histocompatibility Complex. I simultaneously feel like I'm a great candidate and that I have no chance in hell in this job climate. So I'm spending a ton of time trying to refine my application to put myself in the best light, but it's hard to demonstrate my enthusiasm and excitement while also seeming professional.
  3. Gearing up to writing a paper on the code and HGT mentioned in #1, which would be a huge bonus for my chances at #2. The initial goal was to have it submitted by Aug 15. Still maybe possible...
  4. Preparing for classes in the fall. In addition to revamping the two year-long classes for the masters students, I'm also going to be teaching virology at the extension school. I inherited the course from Joya Mukerji, and am altering it a bit to feature more immunology and host/pathogen stuff. Also trying out a distance learning option, which will be fun, but challenging.

Things I'm neglecting:

  1. Audiommunity, though I was somewhat relieved to learn Matt hadn't uploaded his take for the episode we recorded several weeks ago. I hadn't even looked at it to check, but it makes me feel marginally less bad. 
  2. Blogging, present writing excluded. I only had two posts at SciAm last month, and none so far this month. It's fun, and not that much work, not sure why it's falling by the wayside.
  3. Fermentation - I haven't done a thing since getting back from the honeymoon. There are 30 gallons of mead under J's restaurant that need to be bottled, I got some raw honey in Civita di Bagnoregio that I'm dying to get bubbling, we just got a bread maker so I want to give sourdough another go, and I've got loads of empty jars. I haven't even been eating the sauerkraut I already have - it's kinda disgraceful. 
  4. Everything else. My office at home is a disaster, I still need to edit the rest of the photos from the honeymoon, etc etc. 

But now it's the end of the day and I have to go home... maybe I'll grab some veggie dogs and get to work on that kraut in the fridge...