#365Papers - A concept I desperately need

At some point in my search for academic and computational biology blogs to read, somehow I started following an ecology blog (might be because someone said something smart on twitter...). In any case, in a recent post, Brian McGill asked a question I've been struggling with for a long time - namely, how much time should I be spending on reading scientific literature?

The answer is unequivocally "More than I currently do," but it can be daunting at times. I rather like the idea of setting a reasonable goal for the year, and tracking it. A paper a day is probably over ambitious... and I'm not sure if I should count the discussions on TWiX that I listen to via podcast, but those are minor details. 

I've followed Michael Scroggie's idea of setting up an IFTTT recipe to log tweets with the #365papers hashtag. I doubt I'll get close to the 365 mark, but if I can get to even 200...

Might as well write it down for posterity - here's my goal:

  • 25-30 for Audiommunity
  • ~20-30 on computational biology or microbial ecology that I blog about
  • ~100 on computational biology or microbial ecology for my own education.

 The audiommunity goal is definitely reachable, and the 100 for myself is possible (though will require more effort). I don't know if I can reach the blogging threshold, as I've been particularly bad about that in recent months (years), but having the goal should be good motivation.