Bioinformatics Blogging

One of the reasons that my blogging (particularly for SciAm) has dropped off so precipitously is that the sense of community I used to see in science blogging - that is, in the early days of ScienceBlogs - feels completely absent. Part of the issue is that the commenting system on SciAm stinks (apparently still after the recent revamp), but I think that I'm most to blame here. It takes a lot of effort to build an interactive community of readers, and there are people on the SciAm blogs that have done it very effectively. But I think I fell into the trap of thinking that a bigger audience would mean more comments (without additional work). 

I'm starting to think it might be the opposite - being a bit more niche, and also interacting with other bloggers in a niche topic is a better way to have a community. That's how science blogging started out, and that's what made it so great. I got too enamored with folks like Carl Zimmer and Ed Yong, who can communicate about all kinds of different science topics effectively, and I thought I could do it too. But even if I had the skill, I couldn't ever have the time to do it effectively. 

So I'm going to try to go back to basics. Over the last two years, I've been transitioning to computational biology. I've learned a lot on my own, narrowly searching for answers to my particular questions, but I need to start being exposed to what experts think is important. It turns out that there are a bunch of really excellent bioinformatics blogs out there, and I need to start reading them and interacting on them. That's another thing I forgot - you've got to participate in discussions in other forums to bring discussion to your own, and the drop in my blog writing mirrors (or perhaps trails) the drop in my blog reading. 

So for 2016, I'm purging my long-neglected RSS feeds (unread list = 999+) and Twitter list, and I'm going to try to start from scratch. Blogs I'm starting with (based largely on this reddit thread):

Living in an Ivory Basement
Bits of DNA
Bioinformatician at Large

Let's see how this goes...

EDIT 1/18/16 - I realized shortly after posting this that none of these blogs are by women. I asked Jonathan Eisen on Twitter, and he forwarded to his followers. Got lots of favorites - but only one suggestion (for )...