Curriculum Vitae

I've known that I wanted to do science and teach science since high school, and this page contains all the information about how I've done that. You can find my most up-to-date CV here. The following sections contain more details, as well as additional job experience that isn't in the main CV.

At the Bench

My first job in a lab (actually my first real job) was in the stock room for the chemistry labs at UCSD. Since then, I've never been far from the bench. From killing worms with Bt crystal toxin to my current work on computational microbial genomics, this is where you'll find details on my professional experience at the bench.

In the Classroom

The first thing I did for which I got paid was teaching - tutoring my friend in geometry class in the 10th grade. I don't consider it a real job (though her dad did make me fill out some tax form so he could write it off), and I only got paid $7/hr, but it was something I likely would have done for free. I've always thought the best thing about knowing something was the ability to help others know it as well. Here, you'll find all of my professional experiences in teaching.

In the World

I like to say that science is useless if it's not shared with the rest of the world. Most of us know that we need to write papers and give talks to our colleagues, but I adamantly believe that we must go further and share our work with the rest of the world. From blogging and podcasting, to public lectures and workshops, to political advocacy, here's where you'll find information about my efforts to spread the scientific gospel.