Blogging Links

I started reading science blogs in 2004. The idea that professional scientists could have an unmediated conduit to talk to people about their science was immediately appealing, even before I had anything I could reasonably call “my” science. In 2009, I joined up with three friends from graduate school and launched a brand new science blog, “We, Beasties." I've been blogging ever since. We, Beasties was eventually picked up by, and in 2013 I moved to a group blog at Scientific American. I've written a lot about science, life in graduate school, and science publishing, but here are some of my favorites.

Notable Posts from Food Matters

GMO Labeling, I-522, and Why This Debate Sucks for Progressive Scientists Like Me
Sexually Transmitted Food Allergens
Eating Dirt: The Benefits of Being (Relatively) Filthy

Scientific American Guest Blogs

                                              “Boston Lockdown – Fear, Uncertainty and Bias
                                              “Allergic to Science – Proteins and Allergens in Our Genetically Modified Food

Notable Posts from We, Beasties

The Future of Science Publishing
The GoD of B-cells
Allergic to Spunk

Science in the News

SITN is a graduate student-run organization that, among other things, organizes an annual lecture series for a general audience on a variety of science topics. In 2009, I led an effort to record and post videos of these lectures for wider consumption. I also gave numerous lectures, including one of the first in the "All star series" started in 2013. Links to slides and videos (where available) below.

2013 “Living Factories: Engineering Cells to Manufacture Molecules.” (slides | video)
2012  Avian Flu and Scientific Censorship: When Should Scientists Keep Their Mouths Shut?” (video)
2011  How to Spot a Virus: The Origins of an Immune Response.” (slides | video)
2010  Our Microbial Organ: The Good and Bad Bugs of the Human Gut” (slides | video)
 Autoimmunity and Disease: When the Body Attacks Itself

Web Video Links

Miscellaneous videos I've put out on the internet, including a tutorial series on using Adobe Illustrator to make scientific figures and cartoons.
Adobe Illustrator for Scientists (tutorials)
Cheese Microbiology, Cell video abstract
Harvard Division of Medical Sciences Hooding Ceremony Speech