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Well, this is going to be embarrassing.

This year, some friends and I are participating in "Movember," an effort to raise money for prostate cancer research by having men embarrass themselves with ridiculous mustaches This is a shot of me this past weekend:

But alas, that fine follicular growth is entirely artificial. If you've ever read the description under my picture to the left, and wondered what I'm talking about when I say "genetically incapable of growing facial hair," you'll get a chance to see exactly what I mean. And since my "mustache" is going to be such a travesty, I hope to take solace in crushing my competition on the fundraising. Donate to encourage me to embarrass myself. Donate to me to embarrass my competitors. Donate to support men's health. And check back here for weekly updates - you'll definitely be disappointed. Day 1: Clean shave

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