Friday Link Dump

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My blogging has been slacking, but I'm still reading a bunch that I just don't have time to comment on. So I'm going to experiment with a link dump at the end of the week. This first one features a couple week's worth of posts - feel free to start a discussion in the comments


  • Keith Kloor has a couple of posts in the past few weeks about GMO scaremongering. I waded into the comments there, with varying levels of coherance. I'm working on an analogy about GMOs and rockets... more on that later maybe.

  • Maryn McKenna continues in her tradition of being terrifying on the antibiotic resistant bacteria front - I would call it scaremongering if it weren't always completely scientifically accurate. Don't read before bed.

  • Rob Dunn at SciAm's guest blog has an interesting post with predictions about how our understanding of our microbiome will change over the next decade. Bonus ideas from a number of great science bloggers in there too.

Not Science

Lots of good stuff on the sunsetting of Google Reader. Here's some good alternatives (I'm trying feedly personally). I'm a huge fan of Google Reader, but don't really understand all the fury and cries of "EVIL!" Google has a right to stop supporting products that don't fit into their business plan. I like the idea of open sourcing it, as there would undoubtably be people willing to take up the mantle, but as commenters noted, there could be a crap ton of work involved in doing that, and alternatives that already exist will be just as good.


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