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Anti-science is not a state of mind

UCS response to my piece in SciAm

Science, Racism and Political Correctness

Friday Link Dump

Friday Link Dump

Women climbers are amazing too

Rock Climbing, Fat Fingers and Arthritis


Lecture 2a: Intro to Evolution

I'm back baby!

Plagues and Pandemics - Emerson SC-214

Maybe He Was Talking About Ducks

Scienceblogs RSS and other dilemas

Aaaaaand we're up!

The Center for Science and Democracy

Test post infinity

Technology and Intent

Oil for Food - Microbe Style

New Year's Resolution: Blogging

Open Laboratory 2013

A Vaccine for Drug Addiction

The Future of Science Publishing

Scientists need to get involved in policy

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Fuel from Seaweed

Public Parts: A book review

World go Boom

Immunity to Spunk


Obesity, Inflammation, and Diabetes

Allergies 101: Part the Third

Bad Science in Science Fiction

Last chance to help out with Movember!

Nobel controversy update

Ladies - Do your part for Movember

Allergies 101 - Part deux

Allergies 101


Petroplague - Book Review

That one looks delicious

Whatever you do, just do it for peace

Scientists communicating their science

Halleluja, Amen.

A reward well deserved

Extending life with red wine

Reflections on the past

Sleep clears the mind

Devastating east coast earthquake

More class warfare please

What passes for tragedy

The GoD of B-cells

Allergic to Spunk

My own cognitive dissonance, unresolved

The Trouble with Magic Bullets

Heather at Sea

Detour to the top of a mountain

Sterilizing everything is actually bad

Let's talk about sex (at dawn)

Science gets under my skin

Viruses, science and beer, Oh My!

Badass Bacteria vs Malaria

Oh, for the love of...

Extreme weather in Boston?

Bacterial ROS to the malaria rescue!

That probably won't happen tonight

Science Journalism and Online Media

What a lovely compliment

SITN Spring Lecture Series

Activities report

Be more wrong

More on the microbiome

Why must you use that word, 'Profit?'

New Years Resolution: Data

This I believe

Science by the Pint... Tonight!

Tolerance isn't easy

Bacterial Burglary

Keep Funding Science

Lobbying Congress

The Power of Research (a game!)

Surf's up brah

The good, the bad, and the opportunistic

The best offense is a good defensin

New Lab Resolutions

Well I never...

Geek Manifesto - go help

Trial by Twitter

How 'Being Wrong' can be so right

Domesticated Phages

That guy must be crazy

Definitely politicize this tragedy

Speaking Truth in Violent Times

An so proceed ad infinitum

It's [expletive deleted]* Science!

Ticks of the atomic clock


Essential cold-weather tips for idiots

Energy Scales

Spintronics and quantum circuits... huh?

Diversity Sucks

Free will, and why I'm better than you

Science in Government Policy

Biological manufacturing

What is knowledge?

Cholera is shitty

Using the immune system to fight cancer

Our Microbial Organ

Weekend Review: Sterile Inflammation

On Definitions: They Matter

Saturday Review: The Inflammasome!

Problem Solving Bacteria

Last SITN lecture: Tonight!

Saturday Review: Oral Vaccines

Weight loss and macrophages

Give a man's insides to a spud...

TAL on the economy

On Stress in Biomedical Research

Brief musical interlude

What is epigenetics?

The immune system has trade-offs

Implications of the immune response

DNA in the Cell - 'Ahhh! Kill it!'

Food is Not Medicine - Almond Edition

Rally to Restore... Something

We, Beasties

Everything's contaminated redux (repost)

Thanks for making my point, Nature

I love video games (repost)

Everything's contaminated (repost)

Should Scientists Blog?

Baby's First Bacteria (repost)